The electrical system of a truck is not only made up of the batteries, there are other components and interconnected systems that must be taken into account when reviewing the maintenance of our vehicle.

Therefore, it will be essential to inspect and maintain the entire electrical system so that it works in optimal conditions. Unquestionably, if the entire electrical system of our vehicle does not work properly, we compromise other systems, increasing the risk of accidents or its gradual deterioration. And once this point is reached, repair and maintenance costs increase, as well as posing a risk to road safety. Vehicles contain more and more electronic components, therefore, it is essential to have advanced and updated diagnostic equipment to offer a high-quality service in the analysis, maintenance and repair of vehicles.

In our facilities we have diagnostic equipment for the electronic system of industrial vehicles. This equipment constitutes a fundamental tool for the analysis of the electronic system, as well as in its maintenance and, where appropriate, its repair. With this equipment we can obtain a quick visualization of the error codes as well as the control units of the vehicle's electronic system.
This equipment allows us to carry out a complete analysis of the electronic system and therefore to be able to detect practically any breakdown or failure in the sensors.

It should be noted that our diagnosis system is suitable for diagnosing different models from different manufacturers, which makes us very flexible when it comes to carrying out a total and complete check of the vehicle, regardless of its make or model.

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