Shock absorbers are very important elements in the safety and comfort of our vehicles. They provide protection both to drivers during trips, and help the load and the different elements of the vehicle, from fluctuations in the bodywork due to damage to the road. This device is specially designed to provide suspension to our vehicle. Its function is to control and absorb movements, generating stability, balance, adherence and comfort while driving. Therefore its location is between the chassis and the wheels.

Shock absorbers may contain a type of air suspension that is different from conventional steel springs. These systems use a compressor to keep vehicles at the proper height. The function of the compressor is to push the air under pressure to a flexible spring that thus raises the chassis of the axles to the appropriate height. In this way it is possible to maintain the balance of the vehicle, without fluctuations, constant and controlled.

The most frequent problem that occurs in these cushioning systems is a failure in the air balloon. This is generally due to corrosion, aging of its parts, the presence of moisture or even punctures from the air balloon. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically review the state of the shock absorbers and bellows of our vehicles, in order to guarantee the comfort and safety of driving our vehicles.

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